Dr. Debbie Sommers

I help busy moms get me time without feeling guilty!

When I was a graduate student, mom of 2 elementary aged children, and full time therapist, I always felt guilty if I took time for myself. Whether it was a 15 min walk outside or an 30 minute massage, there was always this noise in my head about what I “should” be doing. I would hear myself saying things like “you should be doing laundry” or “you should be reading a book to your little girl”. But there was a part of me that “knew” I needed that time. So I decided to make self care and productivity my graduate school research topic.

In researching for my dissertation and completing a research study, I found that people who take time for themselves (me time) were actually MORE productive overall.

I am Debbie Sommers and I have been a licensed mental health therapist for over 20 years and I am a certified Clini-Coach®. I am passionate about helping busy moms get more me time without feeling guilty all while being more productive and having more time for family and friends. I felt so strongly about this that I developed the Me Time Means More Time coaching program with an arsenal of science backed tools to help you find that balance you want and deserve.