Dayshun Felling

I Help Grieving Pet Parents Cope With Grief So They Can Face Life Without Being Crushed by the Weight of Overwhelming Pain.

Hi! I’m Dayshun Felling, your pet loss grief coach. Are you struggling to survive grief before or after losing a cherished pet? Let me help you find relief. I understand that your pets aren't just pets; they're family, and losing them can be tougher than losing a human loved one. I deeply feel the pain that comes with it, but not everyone does. Coping with the loss or the fear of losing a pet can feel isolating and debilitating. The lack of understanding from others can make the hurt overwhelming. This grief is not only emotionally heavy but physically too, making it feel like an enormous weight that's hard to carry while trying to move through life and do the things you need to do.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist and certified Clini-Coach®, specializing in grief and loss, I can help you not only ease the suffering of your grief but also feel capable and functional in life again. I bring tools and perspectives that can grant you the freedom to reclaim time and space for both the grief and productivity in your life. The best part? What you learn with me isn't just for grieving—it's something you can use in all parts of your life where you're hurting. It helps you be kinder to yourself, understand yourself better, and feel more in control. I believe that humans are wired with resiliency and the wisdom to survive, regulate and heal. I can help you tap into this inner wisdom to discover your innate healing abilities and navigate your grieving process with greater ease.

If you’re going through the heaviness of losing a pet or anticipating the loss of one and you're overwhelmed with pain and sadness that makes you wonder if you’ll ever be OK again, I’m here for you. Let me walk alongside you on your grief journey, and I'll uncover a path leading to relief.