Cheri Timko

Married but unhappy is NOT what you signed up for. At this point in your relationship, you thought you would be living the dream—loving spouse, raising kids together, sharing the load, enjoying life. You’ve got the pieces—husband, kids, house—and you are grateful for them, but something is missing. You wish that you were happier and more fulfilled rather than exhausted and irritated. You know that your relationship with your spouse is the foundation for the rest. But there is more mess behind the curtain of your relationship than you would like to admit. The two of you fall into ruts and take each other for granted most of the time. You see that he’s a good guy, but your tongue is sore from biting back your hurts. You’ve spent too much energy arguing with him about the problems without getting anywhere. Leaving is not what you want. Still, you’re tired of feeling like a low priority. When you really think about it, your heart aches for more from your marriage and your life. I’m Cheri Timko, the Resentment Buster Relationship Clini-Coach©. I help women like you release their irritability, disappointment, and resentment so they can be themselves and connect deeply with their partner. I already know what goes on behind closed doors—and I will help you deal with the problems so you can claim the close, connected, and intimate marriage that you daydream of. I know first-hand how relationships fall into ruts and get stale. Stop pouring yourself empty. It’s time to talk about more than who needs to wash the dishes! Keep your life but be You and be Happy. Many women I work with end up carrying a lighter load in the relationship. It’s time for your life to feel more like you thought it would. Get instant access to the first step with 101 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life and other free guides (