Chelsie Harper

Stop Playing Small Because You Feel Big

I'm Chelsie Harper, the body image coach helping professional women struggling with a negative body image stop playing small because they feel big. As a dynamic therapist, successful business owner and Clin-Coach®, my passion is helping women in all bodies free themselves from the shame cycle, build body confidence, and get what they want in the body they have NOW.

As a thriving woman who has lived in a larger body my entire life, I live what I sell and know what actually works to break out of the fear and shame cycles, crippling insecurities, and limiting mindsets leaving you feeling stuck and miserable. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling at peace with what you see in the mirror. What would it feel like to no longer dodge photos, avoid dates (or the dreaded apps), wear what you want, and be able to go into any space feeling confident and sure of who you are and what you bring? That is what I do and what I deliver when clients work with me.

The time is now to start changing your relationship with your body and creating the life you want in the body you have NOW. Click the available links to schedule a free discovery call so I can meet an awesome person and learn more about your goals and how I can help. I can't wait to talk to you!