Cassandra Pickett

I help Entrepreneurs juggle the demands of raising children while growing their business so both can thrive.

The juggle is real! The demands of raising children while growing your business are an endless to-do. The chaos, guilt, and stress this duo can create are stealthy and persistent. BUT...I know a secret. You can have it all! Managing both family and business is a learnable and practicable skill.

I always wanted to be a present and hands on mom. I also found myself graduating from a Master’s degree program, getting married, and forging my career. I wasn't sure how to make these goals reality and there were many pitfalls in the process. What I discovered is that the skills I had that made me excellent in my profession were transferable to home!

After working with me as your coach I want you to feel empowered, grounded, and certain that you can juggle both business and raising your family so both can thrive.

If you are ready to take on the juggle with ease, book a discovery call with me! Let's explore working together and see how we can make this transformation YOURS.