Carolyn White

I help overwhelmed moms prioritize their needs and ditch mom guilt.

As a mother of two toddlers, whose biggest wish was five minutes alone in the bathroom, I struggled with doubt, fear, and the exhaustion of striving to be a good mom. Countless evenings saw me in the shower, feeling defeated and on the verge of crying from juggling a full-time job, wrangling two energetic wildlings, and tackling an unending list of chores. Then, a remarkable shift occurred—women from my circle, facing similar struggles, began to reach out. They sought connection, answers, and a glimmer of hope for a different way to be an amazing mom while still being themselves. Standing in solidarity, sharing the tools I used daily as a therapist and coach, I realized that motherhood shouldn't equate to sacrifice and suffering.

You shouldn't feel guilty asking for what you need, including precious moments of solitude, and you don’t need to face the mom-journey alone, plagued by doubt and uncertainty. That's where I step in, teaching you to reclaim control and rekindle your sense of self. No more feeling lost; I'm here to guide you towards empowerment and joy. I'm your advocate and your motivator through this wild journey of motherhood. Let's cultivate your confidence to set boundaries, relish in meaningful pursuits, and unapologetically focus on what matters most.

I'm Carolyn White, your Confident Mom Clini-Coach®. You're not alone in this. I walk side by side with overwhelmed women, blending my training and personal experience as a mom to navigate the challenges. Having done the legwork, I'm here to empower you to emerge as a confident, re-energized woman who shines in her own life. If you're nodding along, head to my website,, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.