Carolyn Sharp

The Relationship Expert Using Wisdom, Experience and Humor for Disconnected Couples Are you a couple dying to revive your tired relationship? I’m so excited you are here! You’re both killing it professionally and have the life on paper that you always wanted, but, it’s all lights-are-on-but-no-one’s-home in the romance and fun department. The relationship that used to light you up has become the awkward, old sweater you wear to bed. The only spice you two feel is when you bicker over who’s turn it is to fold the laundry and you are SO over it. You are finally ready to ditch the domestic dull for fiery fun and are willing to put your relationship back on top! You have achieved success everywhere else and you’re determined to get that promotion in your marriage! Hey y’all, I am Carolyn, the Relationship Resuscitator Clini-Coach® and a working married mom who knows exactly what it takes to keep a relationship thriving long after the “I dos.” I help couples like you ditch the boring and fire UP your relationship back to the place of passion and connection you once knew. If this sounds good, let’s light it up! I will help you blaze a new path together, using your love and commitment as the foundation for the joy and connection missing. We will find the buried interests, dormant desires and hidden dreams to ignite the process for a future filled with more of EVERYTHING that has taken second stage after all these years. If you are still reading this, I know you want more for your relationship and are ready to work together to achieve your dreams. It’s time to reconnect to the parts of yourselves you abandoned in pursuit of other things, get to work and make your love story front and center. Are you ready?? Then head over to for immediate access to my guide “5 ways to fire up your relationship today.” Get ready to rebuild the deep, connected, and fun filled relationship of your dreams!