Carissa Karner

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, business owner, or professional, you need to stand out as a leader — and to do that you have to get visible with your presence, your voice, and your ideas.
But it can be intimidating.
Maybe you’re afraid you’ll look stupid. You worry about negative judgments. You have imposter syndrome. Or you simply don’t (yet) have the skills to sound like a thought leader when you speak.
Whatever's holding you back from letting your full light shine, let's address it and clear it out for good.
I’m Carissa Karner, certified Clini-Coach®, certified world class speaking coach, strategic leadership coach, and licensed psychotherapist. As leadership and speaking coach, I help people authentically step into larger leadership roles through speaking, storytelling, and effective leadership strategies so they can create more success, feel more professional satisfaction, and multiply their income.
Often, with speaking and leadership coaching, you will get squashed into a cookie cutter version of who the coach thinks you SHOULD be. But the reality is that you will be most successful, and most fulfilled, if you discover how to be fully YOU in your leadership presence.
When we work together, I help you fully emerge into embodied leadership and speak with power and influence in your own voice with the Lead as YOU Method™. You'll discover how to stand out as an authentic leader, speak with confidence in your own voice, and show off your expertise in videos, presentations, and even a TEDx talk. Let’s talk about how to get you more visible, vocal, and visionary.
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