Bethaney Hoffacker

I Help Wives of Husbands With ADHD End Relationship Chaos and Find Peace at Home.

My name is Bethaney, and I know firsthand just how hard it is to be married to a man with ADHD. When I married Dan in 2011, I had certain romantic expectations for how blissful married life would be: We would work together as a team, we would talk about everything with each other, we would be so connected…it was going to be AMAZING! Sadly, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my marriage was falling horribly short of those cute little dreams, and I was falling apart. We were never on the same page, our communication was terrible, and worst of all, we resented each other. I didn’t understand what was happening to us, and it wasn’t long before hopelessness and depression kicked in. Why was everything so hard? Why were we such a mess? And then the big question: WERE WE EVEN GOING TO MAKE IT?

It was no surprise when he was diagnosed with ADHD. I have been a licensed therapist for over 10 years, and I realized that I had all the tools I needed to figure this out. I’d been working with couples in therapy and ADHD men for years…I knew EXACTLY what I had to do. I got to work, and started redefining the life I had into the one I always dreamed of. We started respecting each other more, communicating better, and FINALLY found some peace in our household. Our relationship is so much stronger, and we are working together the way I always dreamed.

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