April Delgadillo-Jolley

A colleague approached me and asked for advice on a work-related stressor. He asked, “How can I be a good husband and father after a stressful conversation with my boss?” His question is a common one. It all came down to a simple saying I learned in the Army “Pick your battles”. What does this mean? It means saving your strength for important things. Don’t do X and do Y. Ask yourself, "Is X worth my energy?" If so, then do it. My co-worker took my advice and ended up setting a boundary and accepted the verbal tongue-lashing (don't worry, I helped him armor up). Later, he took his wife to dinner and told me all about it the next day. He became aware of his people-pleasing tendencies and struggles with letting others down. I helped him to shift his mindset and assert boundaries. This allowed him to capitalize on new skills and understand the tradeoff. It’s challenging to let go of one value or priority in return for another. There are tradeoffs and priorities that get ignored. You will learn how to discern instead of overthinking these priorities. I can help you learn these skills.

I’m April Jolley, and I help introverted professionals drained by work recharge to enjoy personal relationships. Let me show you how to preserve your best energy for the people you care most about. Come home and match the energy your furry friend (or partner) greets you with at the door. You don’t have to compromise your work-ethic or passion for work to spend less energy at work. It’s kinda like wearing a series of the exact same outfit to work. Sometimes trying too hard and being too intense at work can actually hurt you instead of helping. It's funny because you end up using all your energy on the wrong things. If you use your energy in a better way, you can be better at things like being a good partner, spouse, mom, dad, boss, and more.