Angela Dube

Even after years of working as a child therapist and a parent coach, motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks. Nothing could have prepared me for the sleepless nights, a colicky baby, and feeling like I was on empty all the time. Fast forward a few years and I was STILL on empty yet felt this pressure to raise amazing kids. I was sacrificing myself for the greater good of my children, and I was stressed and miserable.

I know I’m not the only mom who felt that way. So many moms sacrifice themselves because they love their families so much and want the world for their kids. They’re running on empty and have lost themselves in parenthood.

I knew something was off and that I needed to do something different. I went on a search to read all of the books, do all of the trainings, and try all of the things in hopes of bringing back the joy and lightness in my life. Over time I was able to reconnect with parts of myself I thought were long gone after motherhood. My whole way of being shifted. I was more centered, relaxed, light, happy, patient, and energized. Peace. What was truly remarkable is that as I went through my journey, I noticed amazing things not only in myself, but those around me shifted, too. My kids seemed lighter and happier, my husband relaxed, and my clients transformed. We all started to THRIVE. All from me working on me and putting myself first unapologetically.

I'm Angela Dube, the Mom Burnout Coach and I help burnt out moms put themselves first to raise amazing kids. I’ve taken what took me years and a small fortune to learn and boiled it down to just the essentials so you can get the results you deserve FAST. You can create the life you deserve in just 6 weeks. Not only will you flourish, but your whole family will thrive. If you’re looking to start loving your life again, start by going on my website and grabbing my free 8 minute masterclass on how to stay calm when you want to scream. You can also book a free consultation call to see if my coaching program is right for you. I’m looking forward to connecting!