Angel Minuto

I’m Angel Minuto, and I help purpose-driven women end the cycle of self-sabotage, get into their full worth, and manifest abundant lives. I’m here to help you recognize the blocks and barriers that have gotten in the way of you being in your worth. I want to show you how to stop the cycle of people pleasing, perfectionism, listening to that inner critical voice, and other self-sabotaging behaviors. All of which chip away at your worth. It is my passion to empower you to be the best version of yourself. To help you grow and succeed in life without all the negative self-talk or limiting beliefs.

I am a licensed psychotherapist, and a Certified Clini-Coach. I am also trained in, and have a great love for, Internal Family Systems (IFS). I have years of experience both personally and professionally with IFS and manifestation. Through these years as I explored manifestation, I noticed something was missing. When I found Internal Family Systems, it all came together. To manifest, we need to be in our full worth so that we can be open to what the Universe has to offer. But often we are disconnected with ourselves, we feel stuck in the same cycles. These are the things that block our manifestation practice. They are also why we feel unsatisfied with where we are at in our lives, relationships, careers.

This is why I’ve developed a program using IFS techniques to help you get to the root of your self-sabotage. Make transformational changes that last. Reconnect with your True Self. Build your self-worth. And be in alignment with the Universe to manifest your abundant life! So, what are you waiting for? Check out my website to get connected. While you’re there, download my free guide on “How to Manifest the Life You Want Without the Self-Sabotage”. This is your sign that you’re ready to end the self-sabotage, put yourself first, and transform your life for good!