Amparo Penny

Hi, I'm Amparo, and I help people stop obsessing about food and their bodies and get their sanity back. I help people who are tired of sabotaging their health goals and create sustainable and achievable health habits for life!

I am a licensed clinician (with over 20 years experience) and a health/mindset Clini-Coach who has walked this path before. I spent over 20 years, frustrated with yo-yo dieting, using exercise as punishment, and trying to stop the late night binges. It's exhausting to spend years, searching for that "magic pill" to fix your complicated relationship with food and your body, only to realize that the magic pill doesn't exist. It was also suprising to find that there weren't many coaches out there that had the shared experience of people of color or people from other marginalized communities.

Does this sound like you? If so, you don't have to do this alone. I can help you untangle your complicated relationship with food and your body, and teach you how to retrain your brain to look at food and your body in a different way, in order to create healthy habits that will stick this time!

You don't have to keep sabotaging your health goals any longer, there's a way to banish that all-or-nothing thinking and find peace around food. Let's work together to create the lasting