Amanda Gonzalez

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re a working millennial wom*n of color. In the workplace, you notice that you don’t fit the mold, maybe because no one there is “like you.” Perhaps more than once, you’ve been told that you need to “calm down” when you feel passionate about anything at work. And there you are, working your ass off, day in and day out, without recognition from the higher-ups. You’re doing more than you are asked and you’re not getting paid. On top of that, you’re feeling like a hot mess because you know that being “of color” means that you must be the strongest person in every single space you enter. And you go on about your business, carrying all of this, often knowing that it isn’t working, but what choice do you have? It's a vicious cycle. Everyone you ask for advice is telling you to ‘suck it up’ because that’s how they live. I’d guess you’re pissed, but… um… That feeling is what’s going to get you out of this. I know because I am standing over here and when I felt what you’re feeling now, I used the little bit of fire I had left to make a call. That call changed my life. Trust; you can make that call, too! I’m Amanda, a certified Clini-Coach® for working millennial wom*n of color. I help wom*n who are burnt the f*ck out to free themselves from what isn’t working. Together, we will look at the big picture, find the glitches, and you will learn how to wipe out the burnout! If you’ve read to this point, you're ready. You know how I know? Because no one is going spend time reading something that isn’t speaking to them. Defeat is not your final destination, Boo. You deserve it a life that feels alive! To learn more about how I help wom*n like you, contact me directly: Let’s get this party started!