Alisa Brzek

Would you like to take Control of your Health?

Would you like to avoid Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer and Diabetes?

Would you like to Lose Weight?

Realizing the POWER you have over your body can be surprising. You are not destined for your mama’s heart attack or your dad’s stroke. Family history and old age does not equate disease. I turned 50 and I was eating like crap, lacked energy, and had high blood pressure. Nobody ever taught me that I could change the state of my health with food.

I did a deep study into the Whole Foods Plant Based world. My study led me to what feels like the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. A way of eating that would allow me to avoid disease, increase energy, and lose weight. And I could eat this way without counting calories or measuring portions. I tried it and lost 30 pounds in a month while feeling full and happy! This allowed me to do “all the things” with an exuberant energy I hadn’t felt in years. I thought…”I need to tell everyone about this so they can feel as good as I do!”

What do you want to ACHIEVE in your life? Imagine your body (right now). Imagine how you feel and how you look. Consider what you like and don’t like about your body. Consider the capabilities and the struggles of your body….hold these things in mind for a moment.

What would it feel like if you could decrease anxiety around food and not…”eat your feelings.” What if you were able to abolish extra weight and wear what you want? What if you could conquer worries about your family history of disease? This is nothing short of life-changing and I want this for you!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Clini-Coach®, and a 22-year Air Force Veteran, I have a serious arsenal of skills to help you get exactly what you want. What could you accomplish if you felt happier, lighter and more energetic? Find out at: