Ali Miller

Most couples have no idea how to effectively communicate and navigate conflict.

Like most people, I entered adulthood clueless about communication and conflict resolution.

What I wasn’t clueless about was how friggin difficult relationships were!

I knew how to fight and withdraw (mastered those skills pretty young!), but had no idea how to collaboratively resolve differences and find win-win solutions.

In 2006 I came across a life-changing book: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall Rosenberg. This book rocked my world, so I started taking workshops and trainings, and soon I was experiencing the world - and all my relationships - completely differently.

  • Rather than thinking some people were good and others were bad, I saw that all people were always attempting to meet needs, no matter what they were doing.
  • Rather than thinking something was wrong with me for having certain feelings or needing certain things, I saw that my feelings and needs were gifts and connected me to all of humanity.
  • Rather than getting stuck in blame and shame in my relationships whenever there was a hurt, I saw that I could speak from my heart, listen with compassion, and make empowered requests without being attached to getting my way.

Can you see why I’m so passionate about sharing this with couples?

  • Imagine how much better your life could be if you could see yourself and your partner through the eyes of compassion, every time there’s a rift between you.
  • Imagine how much sweeter your love life could be if you could see and hear your partner’s heart every time they’re doing something that bugs the sh*t out of you.
  • Imagine how much more loving your relationship could be if you both had skills to speak, listen, and think in ways that opened both of your hearts to each other.
  • Imagine all you two could get done in your lives if your energy wasn’t drained by arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong.
  • Imagine if you could care for your partner without giving up on yourself, and if you could care for yourself without giving up on your partner.

This is what’s possible for you, and what I’m here to help you achieve.

Let’s hop on a call to see how I can best support you and your partner in overcoming your communication challenges so you can love each other better.

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