Dina Molina

I Help Women Struggling With Dating Anxiety & Frustration Find Joy So They Can Focus On What They Want!

I was feeling rejected, powerless and lost in the dating world. I felt like I had tried everything but my dates and relationships kept ending the same way which was either dating someone who didn't align with what I wanted out of fear or dating someone who was emotionally immature and wasn't ready for a relationship.

I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong and I felt defeated. Does this sound familiar? I finally begin to study dating styles and techniques. I gathered tools to use in my dating life and not only did this process lead to me enjoying the dates I was going on I also found my husband.
I'm Dina Green and I'm a Women's Empowerment Dating & Relationship Clini-Coach®. I help women with dating anxiety find joy in their journey to ‘the one’ by focusing on what they want from their dates instead of what their dates want from them. When we work together you will understand WHY you date the way you do and WHAT pitfalls you keep falling into. Once I understood these two major challenges in my dating life it changed the game for me.

You deserve to find the partner of Your dreams. You also deserve to have so much fun while dating. If this sounds like you, head over to my website www.hellodinagreen.com so we can connect and get you started on a new and exciting dating path to find YOUR ONE!